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By Dustymack
Have something put on every city block that emits a signal that tells the car what speed it can go up to in that area. Also have all the cars in the U.S equipped with a "receiver" and some kind of a governor that adjusts according to the signal received. To make sure the chip in the car isn’t messed with you could have them checked every time you get your emissions checked. Also make sure the emitters installed on every street checked and also have them pick up the cars that don’t have a chip installed and report them.
By Jim3Col
good idea but what about in a case of an emergency?
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By Greenearthman
Car companies already have the technology to control speed in a car..... eventually they will have self driven cars which will "avoid accidents, control speed...etc".

I am against these cars, I can drive myself and can imagine a nightmare of scenarios in which the car is driving...... what if the car wants to kill you? if it is programmed in.......

Am i the only one who feels this way?
Something is needed -- that's for sure!

Every day I drive through over policed small towns along drug routes where speed limit signs are frequent and constantly changing and strategically placed to avoid easy viewing. They do this so that they can stop and search as many cars as possible. It is a real pain trying to make sure you don't miss just one of those speed limit signs because the have a cop watching at every one of them.

The last time I went through Roxboro, North Carolina, which is the worst (they have their own prison!), I starting thinking about a simple solution to this problem.

Like a radar detector, you have an OCR (Optical Character Reader) optical (camera) device on your dash. It is programmed to do nothing but search for, identify, and SPEAK speed limit signs.

All you would hear is something like "THIRTY FIVE" when you approached a speed limit sign that is a different speed than the last speed limit sign or the first sign after you make a turn.

Technically this is both easy and inexpensive to do.

I am currently designing one for my own use. If it passes the patent search and looks marketable, I MAY patent it. This will be a ways off though as I'm so backlogged with inventions that I'm really excited about.

Curious but, if someone marketed this optical speed limit sign annunciator for under $30, would you buy one?

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