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By Willlxx
I don't know about other countries but when I tune into radio on my digital TV I just get a blank blue screen, wouldn't it be a good idea for the station provider to make their digital service more interactive by displaying information about the music playing, they could run competitions or advertisments anything really to take the blue screen away! I know radio is for listening to but if I sit in my living room and try to listen the screen seems to draw me back to looking at it!

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By Hangin twice
:-D I just want to say I totally agree with your idea. I too find that when I listen to digital radio I find myself thinking that the T.V. is not working because there is nothing coming up on the screen.

By Willlxx
Thanks for your reply, I've been thinking about this idea a bit more; perhaps a company such as Amazon for example could be able to put links on based on the music being played and offer items based on the playlist for sale? Cd's videos books etc. Just looking at music alone if it was sophisticated enough you could immediately select the track you are listening to as a download and have it emailed to you. How many times have you heard a song on the radio and wanted to get it but have either missed the intro or the end and not got the details?
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By Beezy3
That makes sense, displaying the information, when I hear a song on the radio, and I like it I just HAVE to buy the song on the internet but sometimes the station doesn't say the title/artist and I'm stuck.
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By skeletor
Well, that'd make it a tv-station instead of a radio station now wouldn't it? My guess is that it's a lot cheaper to have only radio broadcast from satelite rather than audio+video..

One solution might be for the satelite operator to send a default tv-channel for all radio stations - that way you won't need a separate video signal for every radiostream.
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