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By Michael Howells
Just about incidents like the WTC disaster maybe they should hook some device that can let the people in the air traffic control be able to shut off control from the cockpit and it has a screen in the air traffic control and they can control it from there, it would stop a lot of hijacking incidents from being disastorous

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By Ryan Denny
What about the flipside?
What if the air traffic control tower was hijacked? Or somehow either side was hacked? It might just make it easier than before the technology was in place for bad things to happen.

Great idea though! Perhaps an increase in security (auth codes hard-coded onto chips, passwords that only top government authorities know, etc.) could make it a viable option.
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By Steve
Whay isn't air traffic remote-controlled in general?!
By lovetta604
:~( i dont get it but it sounds good
By dbrady
This idea has already been invented. Do a search for "Global Hawk" and you will find out that the technology has been
tested successfully. Re one of the other writers, it has been
theorized by some radical minded persons that the whole
9/11 WTC thing could have been done by someone from the
ground controlling the planes after the hijackers were "allowed" to sneak on board. Wild huh?
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By Michael D. Grissom
Wouldn't it be simpler to install a fail-safe device in the aircraft that would prevent even the pilot from flying into any obsticle (including the ground). They already have the sensors for it. That's where the "Woop Woop... PULL UP" and " 50 feet" "40 feet" "30 feet" warning come from. The military already uses it to recover aircraft in which pilots have blacked or redded out due to accessive G-forces. Just make sure Microsoft doesn't have anything to do with the software that makes it work.
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