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By AaronBurns
Have you ever brought home a new DVD, CD, or plastic product and noticed just how strong the smell was? Pretty strong right? Well, plastics can hold scents for about 2000 years and that's 2000 years longer than all those new Glade Plug-Ins and scented oils and candles that currently mask odors or provide a nice spring fresh scent to any room for us. The products of today only last a week or month and then you need to go out and buy new ones or buy refills.

What if we infuse a strong but nice fragrance into plastic discs or some other form and apply indirect heat from an outlet or battery?
We don't even necessarily need to apply a heat source to scented plastics in order to have a strong odor from them. Then we have a scent that will produce the same results as today's smells but, will last for years. A new concept but a plausable solution to our smelly problems. We could make any plastic object or product like scented cat litter boxes to outdoor or indoor furniture. Anything plastic ever made could hold a strong and pleasent scent anywhere we want it, in any product made.

Reward: Any product with a good smell from this idea on plastics.

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