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By ratnakar
I am tired of buying DVDs and piling them. With mega storage drives available, maybe someone should compress about 200 movies and market them. Select and create your own DVD library, something like MP3 songs on a single player. With a user interface to choose movies and plug into any TV, you have your own library and storage is easy.

Reward: I guess someone is already doin it, if so, please point me in the right direction.
By adaminc
I saw something like this on tv, Discovery Channel I think it was, it was a home theatre device that had a huge harddrive, you would pop in your dvd and it would make a backup onto its drive, and put it into a menu system, then you could just store you dvd's in a closet somewhere, it was also upgradeable with hotswap bays for new harddrives for more storage. I will try to find out more info about it.
By paulkari
I've been using this software to compress my dvds down to 500 meg on my laptop and I can play it back on the windows media player (with an XVID plug-in). The picture quality is suprisingly good for that much compression and the software is free for the lite version. I even have been able to compress the dvds down to 240 meg to play on my palm PDA. ... ition.html
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