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By AaronBurns
Have you ever seen just how much fun your family pet has chasing it's tail? Well, now it will do it every time you put a Tail Chaser on it's tail!
What it is, is a basic rubber band or loose hair band that you stretch out to fit over the tail and then you let go. The Ribbon or Bow on the or what ever you want on the bands on the tail will stay on forever (Until removed) and the animal will drive it's self silly chasing it around and around... I have tried this on my own cats and dogs and they love it! A little scary at first but then they just go to town with the fun of trying to catch the darn thing. Always aludes them for some reason? Who knows? Ha!
You should try this if you think it is not to sadistic? I don't! They do it any way.

Reward: free ones for every time mine wear out!

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