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By AaronBurns
We should consider using a Universal word to rename our planet rather than using old words from thousands of years ago to bring all countries together under one word, instead of a translated version of the word Earth. Besides, it is not a creative word and it is old. Like all new things they are usually rejected at first since old words are comforting, and changing the word for Earth means changing it whereever it is written. (Books, maps, etc.). But other words are changing and after a few years it becomes standard and comforting to all. I propose we have a heavily sponsored contest for the best new name given to Earth and have it be a world wide contest so that everyone can vote on the best choice. We then give the winner a million dollars for the new name and a foot note of recognition to him or her.

Reward: Consider using my name! Ha!
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By Steve
We could also put the naming rights on eBay. :-? Have Bill Gates buy them, name the whole thing "Microsoft Planet" and use the money to feed our poor. :-D
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By AaronBurns
I was thinking the same thing but, the name I chose was "O" that's right! The letter "O" because any language could speak it.
We could also call it "Steve's Wonderland Creativity Pool!"
What do think of that? :-o
That way the Alien ships could pin point who to go to first; you! Ha! lol ;-D
By Rishi

Reminds one of United Nations Organization. Means number 1, which should make all ego and geo centric people happy.

It ends in a wovel making it easy to call. The sound is common to almost all Asian and Greco-Latin languages.


PS: A not very subtle message to microsoft to cough up.
By heaphy-man
hmmmmm this sure is a if one was to rename the earth... one does have to think outside the box. So being an "outside of box kind of thinker" id say we should name it "Pie", i dunno which kind of pie for that would be FAR too complicated for most. I, preferably, would have it Apple Pie for apple pie is scrumdidly-umptious. Of course there WILL be some complications for the awkward types of people as you know, some, idiots would be the word, word say TART instead of the correct term PIE!!!!
thats the type of world we live in now eh??? EH?!?!?
everyone knows pie is round whilst tart is square NOT the other way round. its just silly! silly like.....silly like MONTY PYTHON!! BOY, was that silly especially the movies. I saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the other day, aww mani could not stop laughing!!!! GENIOUS!!! WE are the knights who say...NI! HAHAHAHAH awww jesus and then the holy grenade! aswell!!!! hHAHAHAHAHAHA

awww man good times....ehy what were we actually talking about....?[/b]
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By AaronBurns
I say we run all current languages for the word "Earth" through a computer analysis sounds software and add all together and hear what the outcome is and replicate it with an appropriate word that all can speak.
It should be short, the right octave and similar too all of the standard term so we can all say it.
I would also like it too be the most fun to say.
I know Steve would name it "Google" which is fun to say but, he could pick up another sponsor if he named it 'Yahoo!". With out the explaination point, of course.
No matter which language you yell "Yahoo!" in, you could still recognize it in any scream, yell, or octave. ;-D
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