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By 1313
The old style ring pull I think went out of service in the early 80s and was replaced by the new version that remains attached to the can.

I do remember that the old style removable ring pull was a massive litter problem.

However for me the newer version is also a huge problem.

1. I have a beard and quite often when I drink straight from the can, I get my moustache trapped under the ring pull. This is very painfull.

2. The other thing I do not like about the ring pull is that when you open the ring pull, it forces the top into the can. Surely this must be un-hygienic!

Yeah I know I am drinking from the can anyway. But some poeple dont.

Solution: A plastic slider in the lid of the can. This could also be used to re-seal the can. Less spillages, last longer etc. Can also be re-sealed with one hand.
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By Steve
I think you are on to something here, but the solution is simply wrong (sorry to say O:-) ). Introducing plastic would indeed cause another massive litter problem, because it would make recycling of said cans extremely difficult or even impossible. Plus, it would make production of the cans more expensive.

Maybe an entirely new mechanism is in order? :-?
By Rishi
A puerile solution can be a Gillette razor.

A more serious solution can be a pullout silicone rubber plug with a tell-tale design to indicate the first opening. Steve's objection can be covered by this as the plug can be disposed off separately. DuPont makes a recyclable rubber also.

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By Steve
Speaking of Gilette razors... I guess the problem is that the part if the can that you break to make an opening has sharp edgess, that's why it has to go inside the can or else it may cut your lip while drinking. But maybe the outside part can be altered to be less attractive to people's beards. :-?

Rishi the problem with "disposing separately" is that people simply won't do it (you can see it with comparable products :-/ ). Ultimately, sorting it out would be left to the factory, which would considerably drive up recycling costs.
By Rishi
All your points are well taken, Steve. I guess that I tend to see these problems with a local rather than a global perspective.

Many ragpickers (mostly children) in India eke out a living doing such separation and selling the sorted items to the recyclers.

May be a push in type of closure instead of a ringpull might work. Nothing sticks out. But this may need some impliment to push with.

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By 1313
Like I said push in is a hygiene problem. No one though is looking at the pain it causes when I trap my moustache in the ring pull.....oh the pain! As someone else suggested use a bottle, but why has the bottle not replaced the can??
By Rishi
Glass bottles are too heavy and too many break in transit. PET bottles are not suitable for all drinks or pressures.

But it is only a matter of time before this is solved. Do not buy the razor yet.

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By 1313
Razor is out of the question!! 29 Years ago I broke my toe and cut my leg whilst having a shave!!! I am scarred for life. It happened at sea whilst in a force 10. I was having a shave with an old style razor, when we hit this massive wave. My tin of shaving foam flew into the air and landed on my toe breaking it. The pain and the shock made me drop my razor and it sliced into my thigh on the way to the deck.

Maybe razor on a rope is the invention here??
By Rishi
Never wore a hat. Otherwise, I would have taken it off to you for even attempting to shave in a force ten wind on the high seas. I thought you would have had other things on the mind such as on how to remain standing even holding on to a stanchion(?). I have never been to sea either in fair weather or foul.

Forget the sliced leg. You might have cut the jugular vein! You should put it to the Guinness Records people.

They may add to your woes by presenting you a case their stout in cans.

Just as an aside: One of my college mates solved the razor problem by first growing a nice moustache and applying a depillatory cream on the chin to prevent the beard from growing. The result was a baby face with a startlingly luxurious moustache.

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By cynet
Ok the very obvious question; why not pull the ring off. Just flex it a few times give it a good tug. When your done put the Ring back in the can.

For the environment. Add a little steel to the can and pull/ push top.
Then when all the trash comes in at the local dump. They can suck all those cans out with a Big magnet. Sort them, from the regular steel, and recycle.

Or just wear tape over your lip when you drink.
Or put tape over the ring before you drink.
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