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By gn4drv
I find I sleep much better if I have a pillow that stays cool to the touch even if I have been resting on it awhile. I also hate that pillows become lumpy so quickly. It would be good if someone could make a pillow out of gel or the like that had chemical properties designed to keep heat away from the head and also resisted lumping.

Reward: two free pillows so I could finally sleep
By aspiazu1
Hello there,
After a little searching, is this what you are talking about?

I know what you mean about having a pillow that doesn't absorb heat. I thought exactly the same as you do but once I slept with a pillow that didn't absorb heat. It was the MOST uncomfortable experience of my life. I found that strange. I mean here I was with a pillow that didn't need my constant turning over but I didn't like it!My theory is that my head enjoys making a cool pillow warm and repeating the process throughout the night. I don't know.

By Mr. Wizard
;-D another brilliant idea, always having to flip the pillow to get the cool side, a cool pillow would be nice, and as for getting an idea from you, i will donate one, how about a pillow that has speakers in it for soothing music , or white noise.
By mike123
i stick my pillow in the freezer an hour before bed. it stays cold long enough for me to fall asleep and forget all about it.
By eagle
The solution to your problem already exists. It's called the Buck Wheat Pillow. ;-) It keeps your head cool all night and all day if you so desire. I have four of these pillows on my bed and have sold these pillows to others with great results. My mom was my number one challenge...her head sweat all the time except in the winter...she spent hours fixing her hair in the morning because of this...after using the Buck Wheat pillow not only did she sleep better at night but she also said she didn't have to fix her hair in the morning. I find that hard to believe...women always like to fix their hair! She didn't use the Buck Wheat pillow in the winter because she said her head got to cold. I find the pillow amazing in my own way...I can sleep all night now. No heated pillows to wake me up! If you want some just email me:
By swimtosaturn
al you need is one of those mini refrigerators near your bed - buy a a simple small water pump and run thin rubber tubing through the cooler and throught the pillow.

primative but it would work
By robomatt1600
mike123 wrote:i stick my pillow in the freezer an hour before bed. it stays cold long enough for me to fall asleep and forget all about it.

i am going to try this. sounds like a good way to get a brain freeze
By Brandeen
Yes Mark, you're right! Making a pillow that does not absorb heat is really a strange one and of course you will definitely experience a strange uncomfortable feeling. As for me, a soft and tender pillow is enough to make my whole night a very profitable time of sleep. I don't need one which is made of chemicals or anything that does not absorb heat from our head.
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