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By Steve
In the early morning hours, I really have problems getting out of bed. Turning on the radio could basically help the process, but listening to one of the morning shows that are currently on is like undergoing shock treatment: Is there anything worse than having an overexcited radio voice pretend that getting up is just a piece of cake? I'd rather wake up with a bucket of ice water over my head than listening to one of those! Why are there no morning shows with announcers who feel just as miserable as I do? Can't they wake me up with Tom Waits instead of Britney Spears?

Reward: I have this wonderful website called "". How about introducing it to your audience?
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By Michael D. Grissom
I go to sleep immediately after work and wake up naturally somewhere between midnight and 3am. This was after 20 years of pure torture getting up evrey morning. Where's a good drug when you need one?
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By Steve
In the meantime I've solved this problem, too - I got to bed at 4 am and never get up before noon... ;-)
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