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By James Botswana
Hi. I own an avocado plantation in Alaska. When I need some extra help, for instance for the harvest or repainting a barn, there's a street you can go to hire, um, semi-legal Guatemalan workers. Obviously, this is very convenient when you're caught short-handed.
Anyway the other day, my friends and I wanted to get together to play some serious football (hey, fock ball sounds cool!), but only five showed up so we had to go home again. So I got to thinking: wouldn't it be great if there were a designated place to go where we could find people willing to play football with us? Then we'd never have to call off a game again! Plus, it would give people the chance of joining a game at any time.

Reward: No more called off games, unless it snows again.
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By Steve
Maybe they should serve some snacks and refreshment on the line(might take a couple of days until someone comes and picks you up...) Also, it would be a nice incentive for participating.

Hey, this might be the basis for a totally new industry!
By lovetta604
:-] i dont get it
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By Steve
I think it. Get it?
By Day Carts
I think therefore I get it.
By u suck
ur all *beep*
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By Steve
ur toast

(me = webmaster)
By Michael
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By Greenearthman
Your best bet would be the local park, or a sports themed bar, though you may start a game with drunkards. Otherwise you could have an running online form..........localized and all.

Or go to a tailgate party and recuit....

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