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By dazzer
I work in a yacht club and on an average evening I probably have to put about 1000 glasses through the machine, my idea is as follows:

Wine glasses with a special coating, which is completely water resistant. Water would just roll straight off of it leaving no trace of its content. Like the water off a ducks back, leaving it completely dry.

This would greatly speed up the cleaning and drying process, currently you have to wipe over every single glass getting rid of all the water. But if the water rolled straight off that's half the job done.

I have not looked into the health and safety side, but I'm sure there's a non-harmful coating that could be used.

Unless you do the work I do you could not understand how helpful this would be.
By xanado
TRy dabbing the glasses with a duck! :-D
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By Michael D. Grissom
Go to your local auto supply and buy RAIN-X or any of the competitors brands. They even make a version to fill your wiper cleaning solution (use this for dipping your glasses. This WILL WORK as it is silicon based but.. then comes the hard part - getting with the manufacturer's chemist to insure that it is safe for that use and reformulate if not.. then comes the expensive and time consuming part... FDA approval.

I have used this in my car for many years and even when raining I rarely turn on my windshield wipers - it's THAT good!
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