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By ashleigh lovett
Well what it is is a harness for a goldfish you put it on them and you have a remote control and you can guide your fish round the bowl it would make their lives more fun and you can make them do tricks and they wouldn't mind cause by the time they have realised wots going on they would on forgotten about it.

Reward: anything
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By Steve
I love this one. ;-D

A remote controlled cat might add a little excitement...
By Stig Bakke's brother Stig
A recent study has shown that the memory of the average goldfish is on the order of 8 months... :-o
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By Steve
How can you tell - you're only a clownfish... :-D
By Guest
so what do you think i am a walking encyclopida :-P
By lovetta604
buy the way that last post was from me :-D and wot do you expect im only 14
By lovetta604
i still think this is a good idea :-o
By sandlizzard
..... :-) .o'.k.. Now we train those fish to pull a fish net. We release them in the sea to pull a ton of fish inshore. Who needs an expensive boat to fish?......And this idea started with two gold fish.
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By Lukasz
Now, that's what I call Entertainment!
By spannerintheworks
sorry its a great idea but its already been done in a similar fashion.. by someone else in the form of a remote control horse..

You can train your horse from a remote control.. which controls a device on the back of the horse..

But nowadays you got a laptop so you can set your own waypoints and path, so its all computer controlled..

What would that be.. and preprogrammed remote control horse
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