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The idea is to have the driver's corner of the car (between the side window and front screen ) transparent. Would help a lot in enhancing visibility while driving in narrow roads especially with curves or mountain driving. While I drove through mountain roads, I found myself shuffling forward and backward to enhance the visibility, especially while turning. Car manufacturers could create an attractive looking front and add the "enhanced visibility" factor in their marketing.

Reward: have the front corner of my car - toyota corolla - made transparent if possibe.
By mekarls
I can see your point because improving visibility is always a good thing, but the problem with that is the "A pillar" provides alot of strength to a cars chassis. If its removed (or replaced with a weaker material) it will greatly effect how a car preforms in a crash.
Maybe its a worth while idea if theres a strong enough case to say avoiding a crash is better then being in one with a stronger car.
Car manafactures wont take this risk because of the star rating of crash testing doesnt take crash avoidence into account (but it should), most people wont buy a car with a very bad crash rating - even if it might avoid the crash entirely (ignorance!)
By builder1
This is a very good idea. The problem of maintaining the structural stability could be overcomed by creating a one piece window unit that includes the driver's window, front windshield and passenger window. This "U" shape would actually increase the stability of the structure and eliminate the visible loss. The entire unit would have to shift forward when you want to get out of the car, but that would be a minor inconvenience for the safety gained.

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