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By me9900
I figure since there are pop-up sprinklers for outside, why can't there be pop-up vacuumes for inside? I know it would be hard to cover up the holes in the carpet where they pop up, but it would save a lot of vacuuming hassle. Imagine what you could do with the push of a button...

Reward: Recognition, at least 2 of the product systems.
By shari
There are already robovacs (vacuum cleaners which can move themselves and clean, detect obstacles, change direction like in toys), and there are also devices which can make them clean in one room by creating a kind of virtual gate.
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By fullofideazmo
there are also houses built with an industrial vacuum cleaner in the basement with tubes connected to each room. to vacuum a room you connect a hose to the wall outlet, switch the system on and away you go. when finished, switch it off, disconnect the hose and take it with you to the next room. change filters and reservoirs in the main unit as needed.

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