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By viridian
Not an organizer handbag. A light semi rigid box with compartments which will fit inside a handbag. It would need to be available in different sizes to fit different sized handbags and it would be nice if you could add pockets/compartments as required. It would need to be just rigid enough to stop your handbag flopping sideways and tipping out your phone/pens/tobacco pouch etc. but flexible so you can get them in and out without scraping your fingers.

Reward: One for each of my handbags.
By Goddess of Order
I am currently working on a design for a line of organizing products and will be making prototypes in the next quarter. I expect a rollout in the next 6-8 months.
By Goddess of Order
There's also a product called "Pursekets", but what I'm designing is completely different than either product.
By viridian
I like the pic a purse but they don't offer a selection of liners..just one small sized. I don't need another handbag for heaven's sake!
I shall keep an eye on your website, goddess of order. Look forward to seeing what your design is like!
By terri newton
In regards to a purse organizer that has compartments, can secure the items that we all carry and fits in all size purses.. I have a patent on this product. It is called the Purse Pleaser. I am meeting with QVC and HSN next month to see if they will air it. I am hopeful to have it out there soon. If you would like a brochure on the product, feel free to email me at

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