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By Jennifer Gibbs
You can easily and affordably create your own cat scratch posts!!!! The same posts that sell for $50-200 can be created at home for less than $20. Just go to Lowes or Home Depot and pick up cheap sheet of plywood or particle board, excess carpet rolls, nuts, bolts, washers, a staple gun, 1" dow rod(s), cheap sissal rope and a drill and saw if you don't already have one. (If you'd like I can give you information on purchasing wholesale tools with no minimum order). Then cut out two equally sized triangles from the wood. Pre-drill holes to the size of your bolts in the three corners of each. Cut your dow rods to three equal sizes (1-1.5ft). Wrap the dow rods with sissal rope and glue or staple each end of the rope for stability. Drill holes in the center of each end large enough to accomodate your bolts. Cut out enough carpet to cover the tops of your triangles with enough excess to staple on the underside of each triangle.

To start assembling, insert your hardware into the top triangle from the top down. Then, flip the triangle upside down centering in onto your first sheet of carpet. Make sure that the hardware is still in the piece of wood. Stretch the carpet and begin stapling the carpet to the underside of the triangle, keeping the carpet pulled as tightly as possible. Then screw the pre-drilled dow rods to the hardware. Next take second triangle (not pre-drilled) and stretch the carpet in the same manner. Staple and secure. Then use your drill to drill holes in each of the three triangles, set the same distances used in the top triangle. Drill thru the carpet!! Then insert your hardware from the bottom thru the top. Using a socket wrench, Tighten the hardware through the triangle and into the bottom of the dow rods. Make sure that you tighten the hardware completely. Once this is complete you should have a wonderful new cat toy, that cost only a fraction of those found in stores. Once you have the general idea, feel free to be creative, and make wonderful and unique cat toys. To ensure that your cats enjoy the toys, liberally sprinkle the scratching posts with catnip (or sprinkle the catnip between the carpet and the triangles before you secure the carpet.

Please excuse my directions, they may not make much sense. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me via email.

Reward: If you use my idea, I'd appreciate a simple email letting my know what design you decided to use and how your cats liked them. A "testimonial" if you will. Thank you, and good luck!!
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By Steve
A simple advice by your friendly webmaster: If you want people to send you emails, it would help to login before posting your idea (otherwise your email address will not show). ;-7

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