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By acdc91something
I hate having to wait for my popcorn to pop, and for people who don't have those specials settings in their microwave, there is the chance of burning it. So why not have a bucket filled with kernels, that when you shake it, the friction causes enough heat inside this specially insulated bucket, to pop and heat the popcorn. Then you can have a great, quick, easy snack on the go, and it's not room temperature popcorn. In my dreams, right?

Reward: 10 years supply and a doughnut
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By Steve
Interesting idea. There are soda cans that you can cool down that way, so I guess it should also be possible to produce heat the same way. The challenge is probably to make it safe and environmentally sound. :-?
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By Kittytoaster
Takes awful loads of energy to create the needed pressure inside a popcorn kernel. Don't think using static would work though it would be amazing if it did. I'd go for either electric currents or some kinds of waves... or radiation even. Maybe its possible to mutate the corn itself to have some special water-like liquid in the core of the kernel and the special liquid would heat up fast when hit by some particles or waves, melt the kernel from inside and the pressure would build and it would pop. It'd be a bonus if the special liquid would evaporate after the popping and it would be environment friendly. You'd have a really hot bag of popcorn within seconds... maybe.
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