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By adc85
How about a very interactive/fun website that teaches people how to program or make websites? Here's how it would work:

- Someone creates an account on the website. The account creation process would figure out where the person should go/start in the midst of all of these interactive tutorials. The same account could be used to add or edit existing tutorials (an approval system would be made). They can do as little as adding on a sentence to someone else's tutorial or create a flash application that would enhance how to create x with language y.

- There would be all kinds of interactive/fun tutorials ranging from HTML, Java, C++, web design, Photoshop, and so on. It would help people who think they don't have what it takes to make a good website or have what it takes to program. This will be the site's main purpose: to get more and more people better at this stuff seeing as how so many people are in need/desire of a website but in so many cases have to get other people to help them make it.

- There would be some kind of incentive to making tutorials or even going through the tutorials. That I don't know yet.

- The tutorials could contain mini games (whether they were simple text-based or bigger flash applications) that help introduce an idea or whatever.

Reward: I dunno.
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By Steve
Did you look around to make sure that this doesn't already exist? :-?
By adc85
I've been a part of several website development/programming communities that contain tutorials and such but never have seen any sites that have interactive tutorials for say how to make tables in HTML. But I will look around more tonight and see if I find anything. I'll ask the other folks at those places too. Guess I should've done that before posting it here. =P
By adc85
I honestly cannot find any sites like this but if anyone else has please let me know! Thanks.
By jstr
I was once thinking of making a site for that would compile assembler and would have libraries ands such... a bit of topic i guess but it is interactive :)

By ErwinVervacke
Given that the original idea is about 7 years old ... I suppose most of it has been covered by now 'somewhere', especially the web site creation stuff. Check out sites like wix [dot] com

However, some years ago I wanted to start programming but couldn't get over the language-barrier ... I don't mind the logic but why should I need to learn a programming language? Being a visual guy, I loved the programming approach using logic blocks like in "scratch". This tool has been developed by MIT and can be freely downloaded on scratch [dot] mit [dot] edu.

For some more serious programming you could consider LiveCode, an almost-plain English interface that allows you to code once and 'export' to Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS and Android. I have been using it for 6 months and it is great. Even allows to interface with external sensors (heat, sound, movement...).
Check www [dot] runrev [dot] com. They have a very lively community and several free classes (webinars) on topics like game development, business apps...
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