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By lovetta604
People like going out but there are a number of us who don't like walking around i was thinkng that we could move the flat escalators (that you get in airports) outside into the pavements/sidewalks and you just press a button when you want to get off and then you wait for another one to stop depending on how far you wanna go you won't have to walk much.
By jojo
Everyone will become obese as a result of this idea.
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By Steve
How about fitness sidewalks? They move the wrong way, and you actually have to RUN to get ahead... :-o
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It has already been done. The haunted house in Disney World has this item. It only stops if one of the tourists physically can't get on or off due to a disablity or stupidity. (The later are quite fun to watch.) :-P
By AaronAgassi
Moving sidewalks where in operation at the end of the 19th century.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Somewhere in the 70's Popular Science or Mechanics ran an article on proposed parallel moving sidewalks, each moving in the same direction but at different speeds. The one closest to the stationary concrete sidewalk was the slowest. Stepping from one to the other eventually got you to top speed -- simply reverse the process to get off (no pun intended). The idea was to transport people at a pace much faster than a human can normal run. This would be great in brand new city construction where you could allow for sidewalk conveyors that are roughly 45 feet wide (both directions) and still provide for wheel chairs, the elderly, and the uncoordinated.
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