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By vbplaya
This is more of a software game design idea. I have had it for several years now and I know I am not going to get around to doing it so I am throwing it out there because I would love to see it done.

You all know how they have golf video games that you can play against people online. What I think would be great is if they made a game where you can actually play against the real pros during a real tournament.

Say the tournament starts on Thursday and you get up in the morning and start up the game and get matched up with Tiger Woods. When he actually tees off, you see a computer image of him teeing off and his shot. Now it is your turn and you tee off. You play the entire match with him and then you play the next day and are matched up accordingly on your score.

We have the technology to do this ... all matches are filmed live and the internet makes it easy to do this. I just think this would be a great market for everyone to want to get involved (PGA, game designers, and such).

Reward: A couple games and a little credit for the thought.
By mike123
the only way i think that this would be possible would be to have a selected golfer that week, that you could play with. having every golfer connected to this system would require way to much equippment and hassle i would think. but none the less i would love to play a round with ernie else on my computer its an awsome idea.
By NickH
I think it would be possible, but I don't think that you would find anyone who wants to recreate a game when a new golfer comes around, Creating some ASP or API that reads real time golf stats, or watch golf that much. I don't think it would be that sellable of a product just because of the limited use. I think it would be a lot harder than you think to create a real time mock up of what they are doing. If anything were possible, it would be generics with different scores the CPU player obtains. The data could be updated either manually or through an API. and could always remove a player for your spot. but thats just what i think.
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