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By chytah
Don't get me wrong, i love caffeine, but there's got to be something better out there. I mean, that jolt is nice every morning, but how do you deal with being tired when you can't get out of your desk in class or something. If you can't whip out a mountain dew or a traveling coffee mug, there's nothing to do besides fall asleep. So, some kind of caffeine-like substance is needed to function for most people in today's world. I hate coffee, though, really, but nothing else does it for me. Is there any other pick-me-up that works like caffeine? If not, please invent one. Besides, caffeine itself probably isn't that good for you, either. Think about the ulcers you'll save.

Reward: not falling asleep during tests, while walking down the hall...and most importantly...during sex.
By dlab
try green tea extract .... has the same effect as caffiene without the negative side effects... and has great antioxident qualities
By goodgirl
The energy contsined in 1 small apple is equivalent to a cup of coffee. It has vitamins your body needs everyday,and it has fiber. Eat it first thing the AM or in the middle of the afternoon for a great pick me up!
you retard, its called caffeine pills :-B
By pooface228
i agree with the last post, hell if you really want to stay awake try some meth
By sun427
I agree someone needs to invent some sort of timed release patch or pill or something. They can do it for birth control why not sleep. Good idea
By jelley
jelley wrote:If marijuana gets legalized in California, that might offer a better alternative, at least for Californians.

check this out:

P.S. I just want to point out that coffee and marijuana have been discovered to be healthy, not just for migraines, but also diabetes, parkinsons and alzheimers. And who knows how many other conditions too. Of course, for every side, there's a flip side.. Your usually going to see that when a substance is good for one part of the body, it will adversely affect another part of the body.

The ticket is, to offset those effects by taking corrective foods/supplements to balance out that effect, like a seesaw.

Like, if your worried about bone loss, take calcium pills with citrus fruit awhile after drinking coffee. If you worry about dehydration, take it with a humectant sweetener. If you worry about heart issues, take some heart healthy foods awhile before or awhile after the coffee.
By damienpreiss
we are humans not robots!
people are living organisms which need the basics of food, sleep, liquids so we need sleep!
not a good idea, peoples self conscious will also have a possibility of taking over doing some damage and you not remembering it.

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