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By AaronBurns
There is a main stay idea that runs through all party scenes and that is to chug a beer. In order to Chug a Beer or any other beverage you can shake it and then stab a hole near the bottom of the can so there is no suction. If we add pull tabs or pop tops to all cans and a top to both ends we can chug it with ease and no dangerous sharp aluminum or knife needed. A great party idea (if you're of legal age) wether it is beer or pop or any other beverage in a can!

Reward: A case of brew!
By mike123
i personally think this is a great idea, the best way to do this would be to connect the 2 tabs with a wire through the inside of the can so you can have your mouth on the bottom hole and you can pull the top one, opening both holes at once. the mouth hole would then open inwards and the air hole would open outwards. you could call the beer shotgun and drunks like me would have fridges full of it. because if anyone has ever shotgunned a beer they know its messy when you have to do 2 seperate holes at the same time.
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