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By sugartaspice
Colored pencils or regular pencils that vibrated in a way that decreases the need to press hard when you are coloring/writing. Kind of like vibrating toothbrushes that allow you to adhere less pressure when brushing your teeth. This would reduce finger cramps, and would make it easier to color in large objects or write long essays.

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By mike123
wouldnt that just cause bad penmanship?
By sugartaspice
prbly more 4 coloring
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By Michael D. Grissom
This would work if the frequency was high enough NOT to cause bad penmanship.

INEXPENSIVE PROTOTYPE FOR YOU TO TRY: Go to Radio Shack (or the like) and buy an electric ingraver (under $10). Remove the carbide tip (which is about the size of a pencil led) and replace with your pencil or color led (available at art supply centers), adjust the engraver for the highest frequency (thumbwheel on the opposite end of the drawing media), and then start drawing! Adjust frequency for best results.

Then come back here and let us know how well your invention works!
By logans-mom
Hate to tell you, but I have carpol tunnel in both wrists and one of the causes of severe carpol tunnel is vibration. Machinist and such have worse cases. So it would be a concern that this may be more damaging for people with the potenial fo carpol tunnel syndrome. Sorry, I bet kids would love it though.... :-C
By probass16
the frequency would have to be different for every person, b/c no one has the same skin density and composition, stuff like that. plus, if anything, you would have to apply more pressure just to keep your fingers on the freaking thing. and would in no way help with the pressure you have to apply to the paper, since the vibrating would probably have to be horizontal. and then there's the annoying buzzing sound filling the class room while you're trying to take a test. overall, i just dont think it's practical.
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