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By shari
I have a hard time deciding when to order for LPG gas cylinders which is used for cooking since I can't know how much more remains. Since LPG containers are not going to be replaced with hi-fi stuff in the near future (the gas companies must be having millions of such containers), I was thinking it would be good to make a small gadget which can be placed at the stove end, just before the burner, which could measure the amount of LPG left indirectly by measuring the pressure of the gas in the tube, and giving a visual indication of the amount of gas left. Could come precalibrated for different sizes of cylinders.

Reward: Two such devices
By xanado
I've seen something that does that in a mail order catalogue. It's quite simple (as all great ideas)! It's a scale (like a bathroom scale) that is calibrated to the weight of the EMPTY! gas bottle. When the needle aproaches zero, you know you are running out!

And now BP as come out with a new cool looking gas cylinder which is TRANSPARENT!
By Daryl666
the larger 35 Lb cylinders (used comercially and industrially for forklifts ect.) all have actual float guages which function exactly the same as the float guage in the gas tanks of most cars. just as a side note the guages on the 35lb tanks are made to function regardless if the tank is horizontal or standing upright. as most forklifts store the tank in a horizontal position at the back of the lift.

P.S. the more expencive BBQ's actually have a scale inside that the tank sits on when attached to the BBQ which is a constant fuel measuring device. seeing as the only way to determine the fullness of a standard 20lb BBQ tank is by weight.
By llemmart
they make a strip that goes down the side of the tank and it will show how much you have by the strip changing colors . the moister and the tem cold temp of the gas its what changes it
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