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By AaronBurns
We could use adding more uniqueness and character to our homes and add that to our address. We could set up a real National Paid Directory of house addresses and there names with each name different from any other. We now name stars and boats so, why not our homes?! We could get really creative and it could reflect our families personalities or the house or anything you can imagine from any real or made up word or short sentence ever spoken from time immortal in any language you choose. It could make placing address look ups for any business or home on CD or at another company an easy process; you just need to enter a name of the house and the full address comes up since each is unique world wide or unique to your country.

Reward: Name one after me! That would be...Aaron Steven Burns. (Officially). But, please don't fraud my debit card.
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By cynet
I have a hard enough time finding a unique online idenity.
The last time I went to Hotmail, everything I thought of was taken.
I ended up with a "Assigned" idenity.

We are talking about a huge amount of homes.
Are there enough words in the english dictionary to cover everybody.
If I wanted to assign my house "Ryan" as A Idenity I would probably end up with this response: Ryan has been taken. The next available Ryan is :"Ryan123456789"
I think it is a creative idea, I love it, but the fact is it's just a huge undertaking. I think everyone would have to be issued a "Name" addressed with their address, weather they like it our not.

And what is stoping some people from using curse words, to famous people all over the world.

Hay look, my adress (because I thought of it first) is: The Pope

Plus, People move, around, alot.
How many time can you say.
I'm sorry that person no longer exists.
Any local whitepages company, actualy, all whitepages companys around the globe would probably punish you for the rest of your natural life, and if they could, your spiritual one.

Almost All mail, within the US i believe, has Zip + 4 codes that gets it where it needs to be. I think the next wave that will hit us (in the US) will be a national online (Whitepages).

And some people live in communital communities. I could just see the debates between, either wives, or friends. I wan't to call it this, or I want to call it that.

And some people don't change their address. When I lived in "Arvada" here in colorado I lived in a house with 10 other people. It was only during college so I didn't changed my address. I just kept my parents till I moved to a more permenant residence.

The last time I moved. I had a re-used phone number. People were calling me left and right: "Is Bill there, Rhonda, this and that, I finally had my number changed. And that is only a phone number. What about a address.

We summons: Ryan123456789 "to court"

Hay I'm begining to like your concept. If I move, the government will never find me.
By pamelacallejas
In Venezuela... (that's South America by the way) every house, building or any other architectural structure designed for residencial purposes HAS A NAME.
there, houses are not buildt in series... each is unique and specially designed for the family that pays for its construction (and there are definitly more houses than residential buildings)
the first family gets to registrer the name, wich has to be unique only on that can be pretty much whatever you may like to name it, the authorities have the right to reject any disrespectful name. if you move, then the house stays with its name forever, unless you bulldoze it and build another one.
there are white pages...with the name of the house, the name of the street and city...zipcodes are not really accurate over there

it is authentic, it is sometimes funny and quite challenging to find the right virgin mary (there are tons of differents "virgen del carmen, virgen del coromoto, virgen de fatima..etc)
the major problem is that the Mail company doesn't work... but then...nothing else that involves a gubernamental institution

... it is still a good idea.... I'm sure that there must be somebody over there thinking how great would be a world where every house has a number and code.... ironic

By matthewroberts
I lived in Isla Vista while studying at UCSB. We had an unofficial naming system for the houses based on the murals that were painted on them.

The Marley house had a Bob Marley on the front.

The Dolphin house had...a dolphin on the front.

I lived in the Tree House. Guess what was on the front.

It wasn't organized, but it brought art and personality to a generation of students whose parents raised them in a bashe track home on .03 pie-shaped-acre lot (welcome to the California real estate boom)
...great suggestion. I painted my truck and I became "the woman in the Toy Truck," because the paint job made it look like a toy.

So why not just paint a mural on the side of your house, and people will starting calling it a name. Or better yet, just paint the name on your house in addition to the number - many people do around where I live.
By sparky
i think it's nice if a place has a name of its own.the name most naturally will reflect the memories or style of the home owner.many homes can have the same name.but so what?the addresses will be different anyway and the same name can mean different things for different people.and anyway u decorate the homes the way u want so it feels nice to name it too.
i too have seen few places where they name their homes.
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By magicat
I would be fun if everyone could paint their whole house in lots of colors. You could even have houses shaped like things (Bubbles, Cats, Yarn, Dogs, Hill, Fish...). That would be fun!
Each house would be very different and you would never have the problem of trying to find one small, gray house on a block full of small, gray houses!

But it would cost a awefull lot...
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