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By One Way Home
Ever been to a carwash where your car was washed, waxed, AND DRIED without a human hand touched the car. Same principle....

The walls (and if necessary, the ceiling) of the bathroom would be waterproof. There would be waterjets in the ceiling and the walls. At the push of a button, the water jets would wet the place down, then send out deodorizing and bacteria-fighting soap, then a rinse down that sent everything down the drains in the floor, then a blow-dry from ceiling fans, etc. Finally, a light misting of some fresh smell.

Reward: Acknowledgement.
By viridian
I think this has been done if I've read your idea properly. I seem to remember there was one in Abingdon for a few years...looked a bit space age and did almost *everything* for you. then made noises like a tardis when you got out. Next person in found a slightly damp, sweet smelling clean and shiny loo waiting for them.
Quite alarming but entertaining too. I think it got vandalised. It's gone now. :-b
By xanado
You are right! This type of public restroom, is veryu commopn in Portugal, you'll find them in most if not all the cities and tyou have to pay 20 or 50 cents to use it.

The hilarious thing about them here is that there is a 20 minute time limit after which the door opens (not completly though). You can imagine the kind of situation this can generate... :-D
By Zing
they should have it in ALL bathrooms !
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By magicat
You could have one that cleans the whole bathroom. Maybe at night.
By DirtpatchSmacky
The person who owned one of these bathrooms would have to be very disciplined and probably have no children. Most items would have to be kept in a seperate room, or watertight enclosure, and god forbid some one left a towel on the floor to clog the drain and flood the house. I would think impractical for commercial use, the water to be effective would have to be scalding hot or have a chemicle additive, in either case you wouldnt want any one to be in it while it was cleaning itself. I suppose an attendant could stop by to make sure there were no obstructions or people present and start the process.
By GadgetmanKen
As somebody who has cleaned public restrooms for a living (hated it) Some of the biggest problems are, people falling on wet slick floors before they dry. If they do walk on the floors while they are wet and do not fall they will leave foot tracks where ever they walk. Another problem is (why I'll probably never know) is some wierd people throw tiolet paper from the roll to wipe/lay on the the seats or blow thier noses or whatever onto the floor and not in the toilet where it belongs. Thus leaving a mess or unsanitary looking stall for the next guy. Oh did I mention the womens rest rooms? You don't even want to go there. Then we have the real winners who just can't seem to make on the stool in time and splatter all over the place. I think some people do this for enjoyment. How do you propose to self clean that? I don't think a pooper scooper will work for that.

A vacuum robot, or a sweeper might help keep trash and paper off the floor. A flowing wall of water, or water fall behind the stool may help, but would probably get clogged up, if you know what I mean. I used a disenfecting spray soaker when cleaning but it still had to be scrubbed and wiped away. Just my opinions and help.

Perhaps turning the whole restroom into a giant bidea (sp?) might work who knows. Good luck!
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By overcaffein8d
you could always have a purifier and an additive to the water to make it dry faster (like the mr. clean auto-dry)
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