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By Batch
My wife is hard of hearing, even with a new digital hearing aid she has trouble to hear the phone, door bell etc. My idea is to use a PC/software linked to the various peripherals and then using a wi-fi like transmitter to broadcast to a specialized hearing aid. The transmitted data could be code to the hearing aid so this would activate a sound file in the hearing aid. Anything could be linked like door bell, baby alarm, cooker, fire alarm etc. etc.
By helco
That's a great idea! I don't think there's an all-in-one device like the one you describe, but if you google "assistive listening devices" you'll find many gadgets that fulfill the functions separately. It might be worthwhile for you to contact one of the companies that specializes in such devices to find out if one is in the works. You might also join a group like Beyond Hearing, whose members are very savvy technically; they would probably know if there's such a device out there and, if not, where you could start.

(I know it's years since you submitted your idea, and you may have found one in the meantime.)
By Batch
Its been years but thanks for the reply, I still haven't seen this done as of yet. I need contacts and will try your suggestion. Again thanks for understanding my conceptual idea and replying.

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