Taking pride in what you did at home or elsewhere? Want to recommend it to others? This is your chance!
Rather than drying out your flowers or other perishable nostalgic objects you could freeze anything in clear and expandable plastic and look through the clear plastic and ice to see it for the rest of your natural life. Just fill it with warm water, add the object and stick it in the freezer!
You can see it eternally preserved in crystal clarity without any distortion any time. After about four years it will expand slightly so, that's why it should be expandable but, it will never grow any larger than that so, no further worry. Only so much expansion in so much water. Right!?
So, preserve the colors, textures and all details in quality and destroy nothing when you freeze it it stays the same way forever over night!
I have done this for years and the flowers do not loose anything at all. Four years later they look freshly cut. Absolutely no wilting or rot or quality loss at all!

Reward: A few to hand out to the ladies! And about 6 billion should go to the stores and flower shops! Ha!

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