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By Christopher Martin
A new mode of travel there could be two air tanks inside a lightweight container that you wear on your back and allows you to move through the air rather than walking or being stuck in traffic!

Reward: Someone to help with my deesign or a laptop for developing my design.
By space3math
:-) That would be an awesome idea, and if you actually design one in a few years tell me, but in the meantime: :-[ Doln't you think someone would have figured that out along time ago if it worked? ;-) Anyway, I'd love to hear if you work on it any more.
By AaronAgassi
They have and it does. But I'm not sure about fuel efficiency.
By NoFearMXrider
They have made jetpacks for military uses only. One was flown out of a stadium before the World Series, but I can't remember which stadium or which game. I know that one was used in a James Bond movie from the late 70's or early 80's. A jetpack was flown at the 1984 Olympic Games. The only downside--> it's feul consumption is so great that it can only stay in the air for a matter of seconds - dramatically aggravating for a long trip.

Excerpt from referring to the jet pack:

It was left to another engineer, Harold Graham, to continue the test flights and to eventually achieve the first free flight on April 20, 1961. Graham flew successfully at 7 to 10-mph for 13 seconds over a distance of 112 feet. Other milestones were soon reached, including a flight over a 30 ft. hill and a flight over a stream and circular flights over obstacles like trucks. The first public demonstration was made by the Army at Fort Eustice, Virginia, on June 8, 1961. The flight received wide acclaim and an even more spectacular flight was made before a large crowd, including general officers, on the Pentagon lawn.

This undoubtedly proves the existance of jetpacks in today's society. ;-D

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