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By One Way Home
One of my pet peeves in changing oil is that if you aren't careful, warm (if not hot) oil will run all over your hands. Further, almost always, I lose the bolt in the bottom of the oil bucket.

Here's my idea. Cars come equipped with the oil pan bolt... the bolt is removed... BUT NOTHING COMES OUT YET! Why? Because there is another step.

The oil changer then takes a wrench, after removing the bolt, and turns a nut (or for that matter, uses his hand to lift a lever, turn a knob, etc.), and THEN the oil comes out.

This gives double protection against a leak... and it makes oil changes much cleaner.

Reward: A Rolls Royce equipped thusly--ha!
By A_Guy_Outta_Ideas
Very good idea! I kind of know the feeling about changing the oil in the cars, its annoying sometimes.
By Thinkadin
The auto industry includes the repair and maintenance side of the business. I think the entire nature of changing the oil could be much easier than it is but then everyone would do it themselves and all those quick lube services at the dealership and the independent outlets would go out of business. Also we would have a bunch of do it yourselfer idiots being lazy and irresponsible with their used engine oil. That fumotovalve link is a great idea i think I'll buy one.

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