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By mtd28student
For areas in the world that suffer from frozen and icy roads.

Tyres for cars are consumables, they wear out, and the rubber "dust" gets inbedded in and on the road. My idea is to make the rubber act as a de-icer for the roads. A chemical of some type would need to be added to the rubber to make the freezing temp of the water on the road increase. It would be constantly applied to the road through the wearing down of tyres.

Reward: safe roads in winter
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By Steve
I fear that this might cause substantial environmental problems. :-o
By Stewie123
Yea you would have to cheak it with the EPA on what chemicals are safe for the air and what ones aren't
By calibret
I have this alternative idea of using a heating element at the front of your wheel well that heats your tire so it adheres better to the slippery surfaces. Actually in nascar, they warm the tires prior to the race.

On your idea, there are compounds that can be added to the tire for instance Sillica for better adhesion to the road (See the GoodYear Fortera SA). I have a set of those tires BUT the downside is that it increases rolling resistance and reduces fuel economy.


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