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By UFOpart
May not be a BIG market for such a device but I haven't seen one out there (yet) that does what my idea does here.

What's this for? - Anyone with any kind of insect-eating pet (animal, mammal, insect, etc.) that wants to supplement their pet's food supply or even save more money from purchasing insects from their local pet stores.

What is it? - A simple device that catches live flying insects (in healthy ways) and can be used to transport the flying insects to your pet's cage for some din, din. I have created some prototypes that work (sometimes too good). BUT of course you would have to be in a climate that offers such flying insects (many kinds) in volume.

How to create this insect catching? - Use your imagination! It can be built in many simple ways. But you have to like doing this type of stuff (creating new things). And I think that it's only fair not to give you all of the details here because I will need place over 200+ words in describing how to create this device (the way that I did it). Based on the info here, someone (who's interested) should be able to do it.

Reward: Just let me know what you think about this. If you build it for your pets let me know how it goes for you.
By DaSpeck
Well the reason I found this forum was because I was in my kitchen earlier and saw a tiny beatle run accross the floor under a carpet mat. Got to thinking about what to do. I don't want to kill it, I don't want to reach down/grab it, the right thing to do would be to house the beatle safely and dispose outside easliey. A vaccuum type system which can be activated by a quick pull of a trigger to suck the insect into a safe housing container until far away from the house to release. Oh and theres more than one market for this!
By webthink
This idea reminds me of the NASA robot which traps flies for food. ... index.html

However, it uses human sewage to do so! This is not an ideal solution at all for your idea. You'd need to think of a way to attract flies without creating a bad smell.

Perhaps it could work by sucking in flies which swarm around a bright light at night. I have doubts about this solution, but I can't think of another way to attract insects without making a bad smell!

Often flying insects are attracted to light... so i once thought that couldn't insects be attracted by light in india (there are a lot and big insects) and then fed to poultry?? It would be easier to zap the insect dead i guess but some sort of vacuum triggered by insects coming to suction range could preserve them alive.

Mosquitos head towards CO2, commercial mosquito killers use that and some sort of "feromones"?? But filling those up is propably too expensive.

Try putting a light out at night into a large box with some narrowing tube entry ways into the box. Kind of like fishtrap except this would be insecttrap.
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