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By craftystamp
I hate it when i'm cutting bread and the bits go everywhere and i'm in a rush and i couldn't be bothered to get out a chopping board and all that malarkey and the bits go all over the surface and then you have to use a cloth and bread crumbs are horrible in cloths. I want a knife that sucks up all the little bits as it's cutting. It can suck them into little holes all along the edges into a little emptyable bag and it will have a little nozzle on the end too for sucking up any escapees. There, I feel better now.

Reward: Bread... brown please.
By shari
How about a box with a lid on which a set of parallel knifes are placed. So you put the bread in, close the box and your bread is cut into slices, and no crumbs on the table. Or if you want to cut slices into triangles like for a sandwich, have a square shaped box with a lid having two diagonally placed knifes. Put the slices, close the lid, and the slices are cut. May be cheaper than vacuum knifes?
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