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By shari
Don't know if this makes more sense in sci-fi pond, but let me try put it here.

Normally products are packaged into different kind of wrappers based on language of the country they sell in, or are have writings in different languages just to accomodate different language markets. My idea is to have a intelligent packaging, which is a thin display, with something like an RFID chip which can hold information on the documentation in various languages.

The products are packaged with same packages irrespective of the region where it will be sold, but when it enters a shop, it can program itself to display in a particular language/(s), based on a selector chip which will be transmiting in the shop.

Better still, the shop can keep language selector chips (in the form of tokens) in boxes at the entrance, and people can pick up and add the language token they want to their shopping carts. Then when they near a product area or hold a product, the displays could change to the language of their choice. People would still need to keep some selector chips at their home, so that they can continue to read the instructions on the package in the language of their choice.

The packaging material and tokens could be recycled since they will be costly compared to normal packaging.

Reward: Implementation of the idea, and if possible credit
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By Steve
Guess it's the sci-fi pond. :-b

Seriously, sounds like a cool idea, but it seems like the basics for implementing it (a screen/chip/transmitter combo that only costs a couple of cents) still need to be inventeed.

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