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By Mikey
i really think that almost EVERY video game is always very action-packed and totally insane and very unreal. not that that is a bad thing, but i think they should come out with video games that spark diferent emotions and range in different genres. like a video game where you are on a weird planet far out in the galaxy all by your self and you need to travel across the planet just to find a way home. you must use magic, like drawing energy from the air and jumping extremely high and across mountains and crazy crap like that. it would be very sci-fi and unreal like most games, but it would not involve guns and killing and all that typical stuff. it would be an extreme game of survival, very sci-fi, but in a way, real. get what i'm saying? please respond and let me know if this idea is whack or awesome.

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By swimmer
it is a good idea . but !!!!!! it will be boring without the killing .

but insted of that thewre is materieals like a piece of plastic wich is in motion , u have to shoot it to transform it into a space ship seat ( using ur magic) then u have to transforme other pieces to form a hole ship .

finaly u will travel , but crach on another planet , where u need to form a new type of ship or maybe a time portral .

how about that .
By 'The One'
Finally, someone else with the same idea! I think that genre of game would be far better than all of those killing games out there! In fact, I'm not interested in ANY games involving killing and so I don't really play games these days because of that. They bore me and anyone can see right through them. I believe they've had their day and yet everyone just seems to be getting into them! Sad, isn't it?...Anyway, I love the idea of gaining powers from the planet's natural energy and elements, etc. There should be a whole new genre of 'ultimate' games which include not only powers but loads of things which relate to the REAL world to make the games more interesting and realistic.
By 'The One'
In fact I'd say from what I've seen, most idea 'landlubbers' like us on this forum seem to be the ones who come up with the most innovative, creative ideas than others I've seen!...
By 10x20
Well it would be pretty intresting to pull off hey why dont you get in contact with like bungie or somthing

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