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By AaronBurns
A mirror that is as tall as an average adult and has hundreds of mirrors attached to each other (mirrors attached up and down) so that it sits flush to a wall when not in use and can be wrapped entirely around you so that no matter where you look you can see all of yourself 360 degrees. Easy wall hugging storage and easy to implement for usage in wrap around style. Anybody who needs to look nice for any occasion from school to a wedding would love this product. It could be used for privacy when getting dressed as well. The funny part is when your wife asks you "How do I look?" you can literally say "Go look in the mirror." Ha!

Reward: To not have to hold a mirror behind my head to see it!
By pamelacallejas
;-) the ceiling, with a railing like a vertical blind... very ingenious!

By BonnieMacD
If you want to how your hair looks, (talking about looking at the back of things in mirrors) a simple solution is to mount a mirror over the 90 bend of the wall/ceiling at an angle that reflects the mirror in front of you. It works better in the bathroom I, believe, because the walls are closer together.

By breathing_mind_13
yes definetly anchored with a rail like a curtain, but wouldnt parallel mirrors just reflect infinitely? and even mirrors not parallel would be too thin to provide sufficient reflection to see yourself.
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By AaronBurns
I am pretty sure that you would just be able to pull the mirror all the way around and see your self by looking in to the mirror side to side or where ever you wanted too see your self. ;-D
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