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By AaronBurns
Living room furniture made from water bed, liquid cushion furniture. This would be more comfortable and conform better to you back side (your butt) than gel cushion, but you could add a gel cushion backing for extra support. Basically you have a comfortable foam box shaped holding tank for the seat cushion filled with a water bed, liquid filled cushion. This takes the support and comfort from the bed room and brings it to the rest of the furniture in the house; your living room arm chairs and couches or any other furniture that can use this type of cushioning.

Reward: A whole living room full of this type of furniture!
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By cal.jennings
I used to have a kidney shaped water couch and it was GREAT! The only problem was that it was held up by circular tubes of cardboard and they collapsed when my house flooded. The outside was dense foam covered by velvet or velour that was tightly stretched to compress the foam. The foam raised in the back to form a back. The kidney shaped bladder went over the heater just like a regular waterbed and there was a regular waterbed filling nozzle near the front right. You covered the bladder with a kidney shaped velour or velvet covering that was sewed to a heavy blanket. If I recall correctly, it snapped into place. You didn't HAVE to use the heater since the blanket was sufficiently thick, but if you got wild on the couch (what else is it for?) The blanket might slip a little and you would feel the cold of the bladder if the heater wasn't operating. It used regular waterbed chemicals to prevent bacterial growth. It was no different than owning a waterbed. I have searched all over for another one because it was so extremely marvelous, especially for the intended use, but I have not found another one. I weep.
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