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By dc2005
This item is mostly for on-the-go people. Business people who don't have a chance to freshen up before a meeting with disposable one time use deodorant strips, gel strips, toothpaste strips...etc. I know you have been on a date and wished you had gel for your hair, or after the gym needing a little deodorant or any other grooming aid.

Reward: credit and some strips
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By Greenearthman
good idea, i have to dress up for work and am on the run alot.

For the gel strips, i recommend an earlier creativity pool idea, of a gel that dispenses out of a comb so your hands dont get messy.

For the toothpaste strips, i use listerine strips.

For the deodorant strips, if you can access your armpits, you can just put on deodorant or you can use spray on deodarant

Great idea, one of the things you need for a mucho dinero is the right marketing to the right audience. and the on the go business audience is a huge market.
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