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By AaronBurns
Have you ever bought the tallest scratching post and the cat still is too tall or wants to climb it? I have. If we make a backing material and cover that with the right materials (just like the real thing) then they would all go for the wall and not the other walls, the chairs, the beds etc. (You see where I am going? They destroy everything). We could make this a staple on wall paper so that we could replace it yearly or every so often or find an easy way to change it - although I have had my scratching post for three years and they still use that, but it is worn out so the chairs, beds, couches etc, get the brunt force. If they had an entire wall to scratch they should prefer that; don't ya think!

Reward: A suiteable wall! Ha!
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By magicat
I'm don't know anyone who wants to replace their wallpaper everyyear. If you had my cats you'd have to replace the stuff every month. :~(

(They've already killed one corner of my house with their lovely scratchings.)
By spurtee
You could always glue lengths of basil rope to a piece of cardboard of whatever size appropriate.

I have used a similiar idea - make "corners" out of cardboard for the couch or chair and glue strips of rope onto the cardboard - works really well, the trick is to use two-sided tape or clip from behind to hold in place. I have a weird one where I ran a string around all the corner covers to hold them all together works pretty well - and the cats don't mess with the string too much.

I have used carpet roll tubes to make giant scratching posts over 8 feet tall.

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