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By Mice_Elf
An idea though of while breast-feeding my 3 month old daughter....

I sometimes forget which side I used last and generally it's when my daughter is hollering for food....

So, I thought of a simple bracelet that can be worn by the mother which has a dial for L and R. Thus, this can be turned to whichever side was last used, saving the hassle of remembering at 2 in the morning! :D

Health benefits include less risk of mastitis (means each side is used equally, rather than favouring one side) and less engorgement issues, for the same reason.

Reward: 100% recognition & one free bracelet! :)
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By Debunker
This is an excelent idea if there truly is a market for it. I don't knwo how much of a hassle it is to remember that sort of thing since I am a man, but if you think there could be a market then this could be a very simple and cost effective product to sell. However, let me take a moment to debunk your idea by saying that it would be much simpler to just switch the bracelet from one hand to the other.
If you really wanted to market this idea I would suggest a plastic bracelet like the yellow "Lance Armstrong" type that could be easily switched from wrist to wrist. If that's too much of a hassle, you could have each side of the bracelet have a different color and text which could be flipped inside-out depending on which side you used last.
Marketing the idea alone would be a challenge but perhaps you could patent this idea and sell it to another large company that produces breast pumps or any other product related to that. They could produce the bracelet and include it in the package as a bonus to entice consumers to purchase their real product.
By Stewie123
or you can have a piece of paper that has left on one side and right on the other and whatever side you have up is the side that you used last
By viridian
My god I wish I'd thought of that!!!
All those years of trying to guess which side was bigger because I'd forgatten which side was last. And keeping lists!!! :-D
Of course it would high tech mums. Low tech mums would almost certainly settle for switching wrists :)
By melanie drury
LOL!!! It's been a long time, but I can relate to this one! The only problem I see with this, is remembering to change the bracelette...thus not helping the memory problem at all! Have you thought about writting left and right on nursing pads...maybe they could be made this way! Not as obvious as a braclet letting the world know how brain dead us mothers become after having a baby! :D

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