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By shari
A comb attached to a small motor and sensor which works like this. Attach the comb to the root of you hair, and start it and leave it in the hair. This moves down a clump of hair using the motor and when it reaches the hair ends, it pulls itself up using the clump of hair like a rope (think of a mountain winch), and move to another location probably an inch away and starts going down the hair. This way you can use it while driving, and probably have to reposition it once or twice to cover the whole head.

As a bonus it could also sprinkle some gel or hairsetting fluid while combing.
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By Steve
When I read the title of this idea, I thought it's about robot's hairstyles. :-b What is with those who have long, entangles hair - what would the robot comb to if it gets stuck? :-?
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By Debunker
I'm sorry to say but a divice such as this will not only be incredibly inefficient but will also cost so much that it is very unlikely for there to be a viable market for it.

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