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By tinythe6ftdwarf
My idea is for a dating site where people could play matchmaker. It would basically be a typical dating site with profiles and searching. The major difference would be that people could take two profles from corresponding categories (ie. Men seeking Women and Women seeking Men) and match them up. If the people being matched liked the match they could give the matchmaker a score based on the match. The later matches would be weighted on the score of the matcher. You could also have an option to have a private profile that only friends could macth your profile with others. Like other sites direct email contact would be only with pay accounts. Unlike typical dating sites it would have a higher potential hit count since both singles and people in relationships could use the site. Singles for dating, people in relationships for matching.

Reward: Lifetime Account at the site
By dmacdonald95
I am going to try to make your idea into a working site...although all my creations are free so a lifetime membership wouldn't be much of an advantage over anyone else, unless it really takes off and I need to upgrade hosts to get more bandwith, then I may offer free and paid accounts, in which you'd always be a premium member...
By tinythe6ftdwarf
Good to know I am not the only person who thinks it might be a good Idea.

I also Have an idea for a cheap Blind Date/Love Connection type web show. Users could pick two people to go on a date. Someone would follow them with a cheap DV cam or you could give the couple a cam and have them film it themselves. The whole thing would have a very low production cost and could start out being Pod-casted.

I am also currently working on a couple of screenplays. The chronicles of Bob ; a sitcom based around a lovable looser who gets his world turned upside down when he is dumped by his long time girlfriend(its not a cliched as it sounds), and A Life Diverged; A story about learning to love yourself.... I will post a link to them when I get to a place where I feel comfortable with them.

Again thanks for taking the time to listen to my ideas.
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