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If you want your drinks with an olive or your pre-dinner snacks while entertaining guests, then you want them alive (they are more fun that way!). So, you simply make everything from finger sandwhiches to finger food stuck with something that can be digested. Wood can splinter and you can choke on them. You can make candy tooth picks and enjoy extra flavor. The kids would love to suck on a hard sugar cinnamon tooth pick as well, so it is fun for the whole family. Other products like utensils, cups, plates or other items related to eating and drinking can be made eatable as well. Or they could simply be a kind of candy anyone could partake in!

Reward: Tons of them but, not literally!
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By Steve
Love the idea, but may be difficult to make: the toothpicks need to resist moisture (from olives, etc.) so I'm not quite sure how they should dissolve in your mouth. :-?
This is my attempt at doing this with a "BreathPick" toothpick about 7 years ago. When your done you just chew it up. We took it to the makers of the LifeSavers candy for a demo. They really liked the idea but asked us to come back with a full patent and, for lack of money at the time, we never did.


This was also successfully made by a student for his science fair project. This student found me here on CP and was a registered member.

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