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By AaronBurns
Simple detachable handles on top of an animal harness that fully supports and distributes the proper weight ratio so that a small animal could easily be transfered to one place or another. From a car to the ground or house, to a cage, to the vets office, on or off your lap, etc. This could come with or without various outfits or sweaters for cold weather, or the harness the clothing and the handles could all be mixed and matched for the appropriate usage or climate. This beats getting stitches for bites or scratches by trying to transport them by hand or the old towel method, and is much more convenient and comforting to the animal since it would be more humane. After all, today's pets are more like family members than creatures and we are becoming more versatile in the types of animals we are keeping in our homes which might be hard to handle by hand. The handles could be one or more handles depending on the size of the animal or its weight.

Reward: A suitable amount of these since I have four cats and one dog!
By dwilliams
You gotta be kidding right? Animals are not parts of your luggage that you drag around - I mean jeez - they are sentient beings right.
I thought you buy pets to add a new dimension to your life - to have an unpredictable, loyal, different animal in the house - I give up.

I thought I would find some good and interesting ideas here but i find animal handles and flexible goldfish bowls. Get a life some of you.
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By magicat
This would be great for a terrier or other little dogs, not so great for a cat.

I've never put a cat in a sweater or other clothing. I suspect it wouldn't be much fun ;-)
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