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By holly helgeson
What happens to the millions of little hotel soaps that are only used once or twice? They are thrown away. Why isn't there a central collection agency that gathers all of the soaps, recycles them into new soaps or distributes them to people in need? The hotels could donate the soaps to the agency, and therefore get a charitable tax break. If the hotel wanted to buy back new (recycled) soaps imprinted with a logo or something fancy, they could pay extra (also to charity).

Reward: Knowing all the soap is not going to waste.
By kyle_april
I strongly agree with the idea posted by holly helgeson in saving hotel soaps. He is right in saying that soaps in hotels that were used only once or twice can be recycled and you can still make a money out of it. Just use your creativity and resourcefulness to make a new soap rather than throwing this soaps away and wasting them. You will even help preserve our environment by recycling this soaps because disposing them will just add to the large tons of our waste in our planet. You can even help the poor people by selling this soap at low price.
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