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By AaronBurns
A simple propulsion machine set at differing degrees of pressure made to shoot your friend from across the room or up in the air for your self or even a massive food fight at 50 US feet. A simple tube with some kind of non-toxic propellant that (when packed with food) could shoot it from one place to another and lets you eat the food shot by the tube, its parts, and the propellant, non-poisonous to bodily systems. Unlike today's food shooters that use flames or poisons to propel the food, we could use compressed air (which might be the only difference between inventions - non-poison and eatable).

Reward: A very large scale food fight.
By probass16
it's called my arm, and it's free, so i'm gonna stick with it. i don't waste food with food fights anyway, i eat to much to do that.
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