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By Rooks
Prototype: Make a laser on a tripod with the laser facing down. It scans an area below it with a class 3b laser (like a pen laser). This scan works like a CRT in that it fires a single beam to the top left of the scan area and moves to the right side, drops down and scans right to left and so on until it reaches the bottom where it reverses and scans back up. A sensor reads the distance from the laser to the topography being scanned and produces a 3D computer image in a CAD program. Scan all six sides from three angles each and create a perfect reproduction of the objects volume in 3D space wire frame. Let another sensor (probably a CCD) read the color, illumination, contrast etc, and let the computer apply this information to the wire frame 3D object scanned with the laser like paint.

Finished product: Removing the tripod and holding the 3D camera like a camera, scan any object in range and copy its exact dimensions. My thoughts were to use this to quickly add 3D content to 3D based games to avoid the creation process used today or if you needed a manufacturer to make a copy of something, you could scan it and e-mail the info very quickly.

Reward: credit
By probass16
cool idea, it reminds me of my MRI's though. i'm in an engineering class right now, looking for an item to redesign on here. but the point is, they use motion capture now, that does pretty much the same thing as your camera. but your idea has other applications. i just think it would take a while, and be expensive.
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By skeletor
I saw something like this on TV once a while back, they were experimenting with scanning customers in a jeans store to find the right jeans for them and showing how it would look on you (of all things, this must be the most useless application for this).

Don't think it scanned colours tough. I've been thinking of something like this myself, and I think it's a great idea.
By Rishi
There are many 3D laser scanning products already in the market. Infields like medicine, and draughting. There is even one that scans a person's head and sculpts an exact bust in plastic.

This is a small 3D scanner :


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