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By Rooks
Why not have a TV receiver that can simultaneously translate up to 20 channels and send them wirelessly AKA broadcast them to the other TV's in the home. Room A wants to watch channel 2. Room A tunes their TV to channel 2 and the TV transmits to the receiver telling it to broadcast channel 2, therefore allowing the TVs in any room to receive channel 2. Up to 20 different TVs could tell the receiver to transmit a different channel. This would allow the simultaneous recording/watching of up to 20 channels in different rooms.

In addition allow any one TV to ask the receiver for up to five channels (for viewing and for recording), allowing you to record four channels simultaneously while being free to watch your TV program in real time all on one TV set.

If four TVs were each recording their max. of four unique channels and each of the four were displaying a unique program in real time, this would mean the receiver was broadcasting its maximum 20 unique channels.

Do I watch too much TV? No, but all the good stuff is on at the same time!

Reward: Recognition for the idea
There is a very simple solution to accomplishing this and you allready own the major compnonent for doing it... a computer. If you buy a video card with a built in tv tuner, you can record up to four programs simultaneously with most of them, then have the computer burn the programs to dvd to watch at your leisure, or watch each one of them on the computer at different times without burning them. Either way it allows you to both record and watch completely different programs all at the same time.
By DirtpatchSmacky
i used to own a product that did this, kind of, the transmitter was plugged in and the cable line hooked up, the the receiver was plugged in anywhere else in the house and it would recieve the signal and put it on that tv. bad thing was, the transciever didnt have a tuner, but you could hook up a vcr to it, but then youd have to goto that room to change the channel, i think the product was called the rabbit. there is also a computer service now, ill look for the name, where you buy a box, hook it up to you cable line, hook it up to highspeed internet,, then you can watch your available channels any where there is an internet connection thru streaming video.
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