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By AaronBurns
Since all condoms (big or small and all inbetween sizes) come in a case of approximately the same size you could easily slip any condom into your (nicely sized) key chain. Most key chains that are see through plastic come with the option of adding or removing a photo, but if we enlarge the slot we could fit in our condoms where they can easily be displayed everywhere we go to show the whole world we plan to play it safe and it wouldn't get old and bent in our wallets. A fast way to get dates and to be health concious and always ready since we go nowhere without our keys. You could never misplace your condoms and you could check the expiration date as well. Mine expired in 1991 but, I still have it! Ha!

Reward: A large supply of a-sexual condoms! Ha!
By probass16
maybe a good idea for you, but i'm only 17. i can see it now "Mom, can you get my keys for me..." 3 seconds later "...oops." maybe when i get into college, lol. for now, my gf can just keep them in her purse (her parents don't go in there).
By breathing_mind_13
you seem a bit misinformed/ignorant... condoms need to be kept in a cool, dark place such as a drawer or cabinet for maximum efficiency. it is not recommended that you keep a condom in your wallet even, let alone parade it about in clear window, where it would be exposed to the heat of your car, pocket, and hands.
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By AaronBurns
You are correct, but the idea of carrying one where people can see one shows responsibility that you have more in a drawer (Like you say).
So, I thank you for that and I hope our ideas combine.
I simply doubt that some one showing a condom wouldn't use that one and would (For our sake) know to use a proper one in a proper place.
Wouldn't it be funny if they tried using it in public after showing it off! Ha! They'd get caught on "Guys Gone Wild".
I am personally abstanent so, we can add your idea to mine and add a warning label on the key chain for the ladies....
No harm done adding more info too a good idea.
Thanks! ;-D
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By Greenearthman
I used to have one of these, I think. It was a small plastic snap together box, about 1/4 inch thick, 1 and a half inch wide, 2 inches tall. Inside the Box was a condom, you could easily access the condom by spliting apart the box with your fingers, pretty easily. The box was linked by a thin metal chain then a keychain ring.

I got it when i graduated from the Job Corps, I got pulled over about 2 weeks later and the cop looked at it and said "Wow, i've never seen one of those before"......
By InventR
Aaron - How about putting the keys into a see through condom and then tying the condom up.

One can then sling the keys over one's shoulder and look cool while playing it safe :-D

Jokes aside -
Heard the one about the 2 guys getting mugged with an aids filled syringe. One guy gives his wallet to the mugger and then takes off. The mugger says to the other guy - c'mon hand it over and the guy says - go ahead - I am not scared of you.......... I am wearing a condom :)
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